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Employee engagement

One way we measure employee engagement is through our annual staff survey. Employee engagement helps drive business performance and so increases value for our policyholders and shareholders.

Phoenix Group has also been nominated as one of 'Britain's Top Employers' in 2012, 2013 and 2014. This certification is awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standards in Human Resources policy benchmarking. The companies awarded with this certification have all been independepently recognised as being amongst the best companies to work for in the UK. 

89% of employees participated in the 2013 employee survey, which achieved an overall employee engagement index ('EEI') of 72% (2012: 73%).  57 questions were asked, of which 30 were either in line with or above the Financial Services or Private Sector benchmarks.

Recognition and Reward programme

A robust reward and remuneration framework, ensuring market-related pay whilst enabling flexibility to recognise individual contribution.

A recognition scheme within Phoenix Group and Life actively encourages and recognises performance that is above and beyond an individual's remit, or considers the manner in which they conducted a piece of work worthy of a recognition.

We believe it is important that our employees have the opportunity to align their interests, through share ownership, with those of our shareholders. An employee Share Save Scheme and Share Incentive Plan are available to staff. At the end of 2012, 53% of staff participated in the Share Save Scheme, and 22% of eligible staff participated in the Share Incentive Plan.

A flexible benefits scheme for Phoenix Group and Life employees is available, involving 24 options.  In 2012, 80% of staff opted for at least one benefit.  Staff can select benefits which suit their lifestyle and personal circumstances. 33% of staff in 2013 purchased additional holiday entitlement.

Staff training

The Group recognises the importance of continued staff development and manages a variety of external and in-house training programmes, ranging from induction, through to coaching and leadership skills.  The total number of external staff training days amounted 823, with total spend on external training as £0.5m.

At Phoenix developing our leaders is at the very top of our development agenda.  We successfully run management and leadership development programmes at every level from aspiring and new managers through to existing managers, senior managers and aspiring executives.A suite of 30 'High Impact Training' sessions are available, including our latest module on stress management.

Employee metrics

Our human resources team continues to monitor employee metrics. This enables analysis of year-on-year people trends and performance against comparable companies. Voluntary staff turnover and absence rates compare very favourably with industry benchmarks.

As reported in our CR Annual Report for 2013:

2013 2012
Annual employee turnover
(Turnover of employees choosing to leave voluntarily)
7.7% 7.1%
Annual new starter turnover
(Number of employees leaving voluntarily within 12 months of starting)
12% 10%
Percentage days lost through sickness
(Total days lost as a result of absences in the population)
The number of sick days per employee (FTE) per annum was 3.4 days, and average length of sickness absence was 2.9 days (Phoenix Group and Life)
1.7% 1.8%
Percentage of employees sponsored on a Professional Qualification 16.6% 25.2%

In addition, for 2013 within Phoenix Group we can report:


43% of employees across the organisation are female, 57% male.

9% of directors (including non-executive directors) are female, 91% male.

16.7% senior managers are female, 83.3% male.


17.9% of employees are from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic ('BAME') background.


5.2% of employees are aged 18-24 years and 1.3% are over 60 years.

The average age of employees is 39 years.

Type of contracts

88.3% of employees are on permanent contracts. On average 0.5% of employees are permanent homeworkers, however many employees take advantage of the opportunity to work from home occasionally.

10.9% of employees work part-time.

Maternity Returners

100% of maternity returners were still employed 26 weeks after returning to work.

92% of maternity returners were still employed 52 weeks after returning to work.

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