Mike Merrick, Chief Executive, Phoenix Life "The reason we come to work in the mornings is to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers. Our aim is to provide a safe home for customers' policies – with great care and intelligence applied to protecting and enhancing value wherever possible."

Mike Merrick, Chief Executive, Phoenix Life

External Stakeholders - our relationships with customers, investors, lenders, outsourced and other business partners, suppliers, regulators, Government and the media.

Phoenix Group's mission is to improve returns for Phoenix policyholders and Ignis customers, and deliver value for shareholders. We aim to be recognised as the 'industry solution' for the safe, innovative and profitable decommissioning of closed life funds and as a specialised global asset manager.

The size of our Group means we are able to maximise economies of scale and capital efficiencies through internal fund mergers and other operational improvements. We find innovative ways to improve the performance of funds by responding to the views of our policyholders and by employing highly talented people with particular expertise in closed life funds.

We believe that the open description and reporting of our governance and risk management architecture is fundamental to the interests of investors and customers, and sets us apart from other financial services companies. As a Group, we are confident that our evolving governance and risk management structures, resources and protocols of oversight are robust and appropriate to the nature and scale of our business.

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