Ignis Asset Management

Ignis Asset Management manages the majority of Phoenix Group’s substantial assets, providing dedicated fund management expertise for Phoenix Life's 5 million customers. In addition Ignis has £65.7 billion* of assets under management, manages and distributes a range of global investment products and services to institutional, wholesale and retail clients. 
Investment performance, and the risk taken to achieve it, is at the heart of the business model.  Ignis believes that investment teams operating in a pragmatic way are best placed to meet, or exceed, clients' performance needs.  These teams, each focused on a particular investment capability, are able to devise their own process while sharing a common pool of resources.

The teams are: Fixed Income, Equities, Real Estate, Advisors (a specialist fund of funds including alternatives team), and Solutions (liability driven investment, asset liability management and related risk mitigation).

For more information, please go to the Ignis Asset Management website

*Source: Ignis at 31/12/2013 includes £6.8 billion of stock-lending collateral.


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